It’s theater, so create some scenes

Normally you’d think a furlough of some government employees would result in open spaces that are owned by citizens being less supervised than usual. Not today. Today’s inverted priorities give new meaning to the term rude bridge. Oddly, park rangers are working harder than ever, with the mission of annoying as many Americans as possible. Indeed, private businesses are being blockaded by rangers in full thug mode. All of which raises a question. Since this is theater, why not get in and enjoy it? Why doesn’t, for example, the governor of South Dakota send in the state police to remove the cones blocking Mount Rushmore? Or get a group of citizens to march in and do it? We understand of course that legally that may not be possible, but that’s entirely beside the point. The point is to create good theater on the nightly news. What is better theater on the evening news than showing an elderly couple being evicted from a home that they have owned for 40 years by federal goons? An amazing and unprecedented opportunity has been given to the GOP if they are clever enough to exploit it.

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