Eh and Eh…….and Eh

Eh and Eh, foreign and domestic dysfunction. And finally, a case can be made either way for shutdown. We happen to think it was good theater, the evidence for which is that is the rhetoric of the other side. But reasonable people can differ. This is not reasonable, however. Anyway, none of this matters because the country can’t be saved until it stops its practice of 40-70% of children in its various communities being born to unwed mothers.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Indeed. One despairs.

  2. feeblemind Says:

    Spengler has an interesting post up titled, ‘The Fascism of JayZ’

    Spengler writes, “Jay Z, who brags of dealing drugs and shooting an older brother in his youth, and plead guilty to stabbing a record producer, could “help shape attitudes in a real (sic) positive way,” according to President Obama. Jay Z texts regularly with the president and is a regular White House visitor after opening Obama campaign rallies.

    Jay Z appeals to the same kind of rage that Hitler and Mussolini exploited during the interwar years. Never in the postwar period has the United States had youth unemployment in the 25% range for over half a decade:

    This is not a black phenomenon; Jay Z articulates a characteristically black rage that resonates with the first generation of white Americans since the Great Depression who have lost hope of achieving the same standard of living that their parents had.

    It would be dangerous to interpret the surge of Jay Z’s political influence as an economic phenomenon. He is making a spiritual appeal–albeit a wicked and perverse one–in a growing spiritual vacuum.

    From time to time one finds conservatives hoping that someone as popular as Jay-Z might deliver a conservative message. That is delusional: the culture is the message.”

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