Bi-partisan idiocy

We blame Bush. He signed the law banning the good old light bulb and replacing it with something much more expensive, less powerful, and deadlier to boot. BTW, here’s an interesting piece on AGW while we’re talking about BPI.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Bush was no conservative and he governed domestically more like a ‘D’ than an ‘R’. I agreed with very little with what he did here at home.

    I never understood what he hoped to gain politically by banning the incandescent light bulb. I believe the ethanol mandates really took off under Bush and he even advocated the production of switch grass for use in the ethanol industry. Idiocy. Was he really that ignorant and/or stupid or did he feel that if he prostrated himself before the Left that they would somehow like him?

    But far worse IMO than banning the light bulb was Bush’s creation of the dept. of Homeland Security which is morphing into a secret police organization to spy on Americans before our eyes.

  2. Bosun Says:

    Kudos to both The Dinocrat & Feeblemind! Very well said Gentlemen.

  3. Zachriel Says:

    Dinocrat: deadlier to boot

    You do realize that florescent bulbs have been around for decades?

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