It was almost 44 years ago that Carolyn Widgery and your host hitchhiked from New Haven to New York in nasty January weather. The driver of the semi let us off at around Jerome Avenue. We wandered around a bit, looking for the subway. A nice young man came up to us, offered directions, and said that we had better get off the streets pretty fast or we would be killed. We got to the east village in plenty of time for the show at the Fillmore East. It was Santana (the Doors were at the Felt Forum that evening). We had never heard of the warm-up act, but It’s a Beautiful Day was excellent (we just learned that they lost out to Santana at performing at Woodstock as a result of a coin flip). We sat in the 4th row, and can report that it’s as though we were living in contemporary Colorado or Washington. After the show, we had the good sense to repair to the benches of Grand Central Station and wait quietly for a pleasant early morning train ride back to school.

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