Then and now

The now: Peter Beinart has a rather dreary piece cataloguing decline. The education system has done a fine job for the last generation or two, hasn’t it? But it’s not all dreary; apparently Romney is going to be impeached. He appointed those awful bundlers to be diplomats to countries they know nothing about. Even the then is corrupted by the now. A local radio station says it plays 60’s-80’s biggest hits, but 10% of the playlist are covers or simply unknown to us, and the song selection seems quite peculiar compared to the Billboard Top 100 lists. What’s up with that? We did see one the other day (#81) by someone we never heard of. Well, that’s been corrected.

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  1. Zachriel Says:

    Dinocrat: apparently Romney is going to be impeached

    The Administrative Procedure Act gives the president wide latitude in implementing new laws, and distinguishes between delays due to a good faith effort to minimize disruption during the roll out of a law, and an effort to impede the will of Congress. The courts are empowered the Act to provide judicial oversight.

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