Cognitive dissonance?

It has been said that humans are not a rational animal, but a rationalizing one. So when we see a comment like this — “there’s plenty of horror stories being told. All are untrue” — we wonder why the stridency? Of course, these are politicians, not the brain trust, but we also see such stridency in certain parts of the academy. Why the rigidity and over-reaction on the part of some? Just a case of nasty personalities? Or maybe that, as true believers in the religious doctrines, they are more than a little discombobulated when reality veers from their desired, indeed predicted, outcomes. Time will tell.

One Response to “Cognitive dissonance?”

  1. Dr Bill Says:

    We seem to forget that in the Senate or the House, anything a representative of the people says is protected by the Constitution–even if it is an outright lie–and the person making the statement cannot be prosecuted or sued for libel by any other party. This is a Constitutional right the left certainly does not want to eliminate since it works so well for them with a largely compliant press who will not call them on the things they say.

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