VDH: conventional wisdom on immigration is 180 degrees out of phase


Libertarian supporters of relatively open borders, for example, have long argued that illegal immigration is a safety valve for Mexico, one that prevents violent revolution south of our border. By allowing millions of poor people to cross illegally into the United States, we supposedly stabilize Mexico. Billions of dollars in remittances are sent back home to the needy left behind…Yet the state of Oaxaca is also one of the chief sources of illegal immigration to the United States. Hundreds of thousands of dissatisfied Oaxacans have fled to the U.S. and now send millions of dollars back southward. Why, then, is the city on the brink of chaos? Could it be that far from stabilizing Mexico, the continual flight of millions of Mexico’s disenchanted – one in 10 currently live in the U.S. – has only made things worse?…

Some U.S. counties with higher than average unemployment rates – such as California’s Central Valley, where the unemployment rate often has been in the double digits – are a favored destination of illegal aliens. That suggests that there are already enough American laborers to meet job needs, but a fundamental failure to attract such manpower back into the workplace….

The evidence suggests that massive illegal immigration causes as much upheaval inside Mexico as it supposedly prevents – while aggravating, not solving, problems in the United States.

Yes, but will anyone care if this is true? The President is on his glide path to citizenship, and will be eagerly supported by the new Congress. Meanwhile, the salons are full of bright folks like Gerard Baker who say that one lesson of the election was that the “ugly call to nativist sentiment was rejected in many places.”

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  1. mokus Says:

    Gerald Baker’s got it wrong. Voters rejected the GOP because it abandoned the conservative agenda, let the Iraq War drag on, kowtowed to RINO’s, allowed MSM to publish classified information with impunity, and failed to secure the border.

    GWB failed to fight back, he let MSM and Dems hurl insults and calumnies virtually non stop. Voters lost confidence in GOP leadership, in the White House, in the House, and especially in the Senate. Illegal immigration was the straw that broke the elephant’s back.

    Contrary to MSM and Dem spin, Americans want the border secured and illegal immigration stopped in it’s tracks, now. And voters will reward the political party that has the courage to acknowledge the will of the people and act on it.

    Any amnesty bill for illegal aliens will result in a third party on the ballot in 2008. If the GOP can’t deliver on a bedrock Conservative issue, it’s time to consider the implication of these words: When in the Course of human Events, it becomes necessary to sever the ties…

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