Smith and Wesson has a market cap of less than a billion dollars. Meanwhile, the maker of this game just went public in an IPO with a valuation of over $7 billion. Go figure.

In other news, Wretchard explores the increasingly strange world of banned v. compulsory, which we noted in passing the other day (that’s the 1790’s BTW.) Chubby Checker has some thoughts on the subject.

Final point from the shameless plug department: Liz Smith wrote a fabulous review of this forthcoming book authored by a friend of ours. Buy it! (Janet Maslin is not a fan of his, so perhaps that’s an additional reason to buy it.)

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  1. Neil Says:

    Candy Crush has $1.88B in revenue–it’s the razor blade strategy, albeit with a low barrier to entry. How much is Gillette worth?. S&W is, honestly, a big player in a small market.

    Looking out 10, maybe 20 years in the future, how much is S&W worth when I can take my Model 3913 to bits, scan it, and reproduce it on my desk in titanium and stainless?

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