Something like civil war seems to be coming to the West

Reader Larwyn sent us a link to a thoughtful article on Iraq in The National Interest called Is This Victory? by Tommy Franks, Stephen Biddle, Peter Charles Choharis, John M. Owen IV, Daniel Pipes, Gary Rosen and Dov S. Zakheim. It’s an interesting piece; Wretchard has a good discussion. There is no doubt that a successful Iraq would be a model for a successful Middle East. However, there’s a lot of evidence that much of the Middle East doesn’t want to be successful, perhaps because being successful, like China’s rise from nothing, means adapting to and embracing modernity, and casting off the detritus of traditional society. Spengler has argued that Islam is the antithesis of modernity.

One premise of the Iraq War is that those making war against America were a small group of extremists, and if we could tie them up fighting way over there and pick them off, so much the better. Meanwhile, decent Iraqis would create a decent society and then they could kill the remaining thugs. This was a nice idea. However, something fundamental has changed in the last three years, moving the locus of the war away from Iraq.

In 2006, there are in the UK 30 active plots by men claiming to represent the heart of Islam. These men number between 1600 and 100,000 at least. In France last year there were riots in 300 cities; this year, a night when a young woman was immolated and 277 cars were torched was called one of “relative calm.” Meanwhile, the Dutch are attempting the “banning the wearing of burqas and other Muslim face veils in public places, possibly becoming the first European country to impose such a ruling.” In 2006, Catholic priests and nuns were killed, English Catholics were harrassed, and the Pope’s life was threatened, for his daring to question the holiness of Jihad. Equilibrium is gone.

Mark Steyn is worried about what will happen in Europe with the demographic changes over the next generation or two. Steve Warshawsky is worried that the West might not have what it takes in the “coming decades” to oppose what he calls “a totalitarian political ideology, akin to communism, that is fundamentally inconsistent with Western understandings of individual freedom, sexual equality, material prosperity, and representative government, not to mention our Judeo-Christian heritage,” that is to say, Islam. We don’t think that it will take decades or generations for this matter to come to a head.

It is our view that the future appears to be now — or at least very soon. Fjordman mused earlier this year about an impending “global civil war.” We think this may happen in a matter of years, not decades. (We wrote on this previously.) If there are 30 known plots in England now, what happens when there are 300? If 300 cars burn on a French evening, what happens when there are 3000? These events are not far away — three years, five years? At some point, the West will have to get serious about capituation or crackdown.

Nobody in the West (except the men who claim to represent Islam) wants to see this happen, and everyone still wishes that it just would go away. But the violent men who plot and kill (and openly advertise their burning desire to do so) are increasing their efforts daily. The weak responses of the West encourage them to increase their work exponentially, which is a good thing in that it shortens the time until the problem must be confronted. Last month London’s police chief predicted grave attacks after which “people would be talking quite openly about internment.” That sounds a lot like civil war to us.

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  1. USpace Says:

    That is a great article, very eye-opening. Some so-called liberals should be strapped down and forced to listen to it being read to them; because most would be incapable due to fear of the truth.

    The ‘true’ liberals of today are called conservatives.

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe loves

    respect other cultures
    trying to destroy yours

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