A tale from CDG

30 years ago or so our Concorde flight from Charles de Gaulle to JFK had engine trouble shortly after takeoff. After returning to the airport, we all waited together for another plane. Seated nearby were Felix Rohatyn and David Rockefeller, who told a little story. He had called on François Mitterand at the Élysée Palace, and was really PO’d that Mitterand kept him waiting for half an hour. Rohatyn nodded his disapproval of the impolite behavior. Rockefeller went on with the story, saying that during his meeting he invited Mitterand to his country estate. Rohatyn seemed surprised by this gracious gesture. Then Rockefeller delivered the punchline: “What I didn’t tell him is that Giscard d’Estaing will be there that weekend.” Laughter all around.

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