Diana West’s speech for President Bush: “the Free World and the Shariah World”

Diana West lays it on the line (originals here and here), with her version of a speech by President Bush redefining the war as a war specifically against Islamic sharia law:

the United States has supported fledgling democracies in Afghanistan Iraq and the Palestinian Authority. We have proudly assisted in making free and fair elections possible in these places…each of these new democracies has produced constitutions that enshrine Islamic law.

Because Islamic law, known as “sharia,” does not permit equality between the sexes or among religions, it is anything but what we in American consider “democratic.” Indeed, sharia law endows Muslims, and Muslim men in particular, with a superior position in society. It also outlaws words and deeds that oppose this inequitable power structure for being “un-Islamic.” From this same Islamic legal tradition comes the mandate for jihad (holy war, usually against non-Muslims) and dhimmitude, the official state of inferiority of non-Muslims under Islam.

With their devotion to Islamic tradition, then, these new democracies have, in effect, peacefully voted themselves into the same doctrinal camp as the many terror groups that violently strike at the non-Muslim world in the name of jihad for the sake of a caliphate — a Muslim world government ruled according to sharia.

So be it. What I mean by that is, it is neither in the national interest nor in the national will for the United States of America to attempt to reshape such a culture to conform to our notions of liberty and justice for all. It is neither in the national interest nor in the national will to attempt to reform a belief system that animates this culture to conform to our notions of freedom of worship. It is, however, in our national interest, and must become a part of our national will, to ensure that Islamic law does not come to our own shores, whether by means of violent jihad terrorism as practiced by the likes of Al Qaeda or Hezbollah, or through peaceful patterns of migration, such as those that have already Islamized large parts of Europe.

We wrote on this topic months ago, when we said that it was irresponsible for the President not to specifically identify our new Cold War in the West — the long war against Islamic sharia. Now, in our opinion, there is a strong undercurrent of this still un-PC belief in America — and the recent election results may be evidence of it. One difference between the free world and the sharia world: in our world, teenage boys play video games where they behead prople; in their world, teenage boys behead people who play video games.

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