The IS agenda

Too much to reprint, but this link leads to a longish piece outlining the agendas of the IS. It must be said that at this juncture, these fellows are motivated!! — and sure up for good times, ah yes, good times. A decade ago we hoped in vain that the West would deal seriously with the ideology of its enemy. Not doing so has made the West a worse enemy, one to be ridiculed for its cowardice. We’ve now entered phase two of what Jonah Goldberg and many others view as a very long war. Finally, James Lewis has a rather more excited piece on some of the same.

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  1. Steven Den Beste Says:

    It’s hard to imagine how you can win a war when you’re unable or unwilling to talk honestly about who you’re fighting against. I was always worried about the government’s unwillingness to be frank about Islamic extremists. “Islam is a religion of peace” always made me sick to hear, because it isn’t true.

    Islam is a religion of conquest. Half the Koran is about how to win on the battlefield and how to govern conquered nations.

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