A meeting in Manhattan

For some reason we happened to keep a copy of the Tuesday, October 20, 1970 city edition of the New York Times for all these years. The story pictured above was below the fold, in the lower left corner. Construction work on the north tower began in August 1968, though site preparation began earlier. So from the time that construction began until the WTC became the tallest building in the world was 2 years. Now it’s 13 years since 9/11, and the replacement for the north tower that had been “expected to open in the fourth quarter of 2013″ just opened. Our sclerotic America.

We had a meeting at 200 West Street on Wednesday. As we went down the FDR Drive we of course looked to the right as we passed the Brooklyn Bridge, because in the old days you saw a dramatic view of the WTC. (You know whether an SVU episode is 2002 or later, because they changed the clip of the Bridge so you’re looking further north than in 2001 and earlier episodes.) The new WTC is a dramatically better looking building than the ugly muthas. Then you go a couple more miles and into the Hugh Carey tunnel to the West Side. When you come out of the tunnel on to West Street, you’re at Ground Zero, and a minute from our meeting location.

It’s an emotional thing to see this new building which shouldn’t be there at all. In the old days we enjoyed the creepy shaky elevator ride up to Windows on the World for client dinners. We recall the young Dinokids looking out those same windows late one spring morning in 1998. The were familiar with the buildings from the Simpsons episode of a year earlier (later pulled, now back in syndication). Time and life move on.

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