Thank you very much

We’re referring of course to the song (first to use U for you?) by The Scaffold from the late sixties or so. As we mentioned a few years ago, we have a rather eclectic soundtrack playing much of the time in the background — elevator music for the mind as we go about our daily business. Often we misremember the lyrics (inky stinky parlez vous) but that’s okay. It’s all good fun.

There are many annoyances in modern life. No doubt the greatest of these is that when you’re trying to read a piece by Roger Simon, you now have to click as many as four times so that the advertising VP at PJ Media can report maximum page views to the sponsors. But right up there on our list is the pathetic offerings of classic rock radio.

We jog (decades ago it was run) for an hour every day and the radio helps pass the time. Sometimes it’s 90.7, 91.5 or 88.1. Sometimes it’s 640, 870 or 1150. Occasionally it’s 89.9 or 1070. (On Wednesday it was 77 WABC and News Radio 88.) However, when it’s 101.1 or 100.3, we’re not happy about what we’re hearing. Whatever algorithm is choosing the songs is an ignoramus (or perhaps we’re no longer the target demographic).

Where are the album cuts and one-hit wonders? Where’s Donovan, Duke of Earl, or Doors B sides? Answer: start jogging in a wifi area and ditch the radio. 60’s music radio is an iPhone app that links to a variety of good web resources, that is if you think good is Allan Sherman, Dusty Springfield or Bruce Channel. Bruce Channel?

Super fun bonus: Hinderaker vivisects Gail Collins.

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