What’s the end game for the theater?

Wretchard says American politics has seemed to split in two, and it’s hard to argue with that. Right now the mobile cameras of CNN are cruising the streets of NYC with seemingly thousands of people in what appear to be highly organized protests. The CNN commentary is exactly what you’d expect. It’s the narrative at work that we were talking about the other day. Obviously the merits of each of these incidents will vary all over the place, but it seems like a sure thing, unless the ratings drop into the toilet, that a new and long-running reality TV show has been born. Our question is: what’s the end game? Unless the country has really lost its marbles, a new policy of police-duck-and-cover and crooks-do-what-you-want cannot end well for its proponents. Insane policies have a history of not ending well. So what’s the end game here after incident 50 or 75?

Update: media insanity unbounded.

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  1. parkyakarkus Says:

    this observation reminds me of a short story by SF author Ed Bryant, “The 10:00 report is brought to you by…” wherein the news conglomerates make a devil’s pact with all manner of anarchy-seeking provocateurs solely for the sake of ratings. Of course, we all know that the MSM would never stoop so low…right?

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