Victims, yes, but of whom?

Check out this depressing piece on the cop assassinations by Tom Maguire, along with the YouTube video it links to. No doubt Uncle Murda feels he is expressing justified outrage. However, the statistics in the video are a version of lying with numbers, as this study from Columbia tediously makes clear. Yes, the subjects of Uncle Murda’s video are victims, but they are the victims of fatherless homes; read the rare and honest exchange between Larry Elder and Kweisi Mfume in this long piece. Such honesty is never heard these days, bad for business for the Sharptons of the world, anathema to the media because they viscerally can’t stand to look at the real problem either. And so a culture of victocracy is enabled, with utterly predictable results when the wingnuts act out. Similarly, if you are taught that one book, over a thousand years old, is not only necessary but sufficient for life, you’re a victim — just not the victim of modernizers and kafirs that you’ve been taught. (Gosh we’ve been at this a long time, but the establishment still is silent or worse.) Sadly, in both the cases of race and religion, there really are a lot of victims in these self-perpetuating tragedies, which will go on and on until the core falsehoods are confronted.

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