Game changer?

In our view, Microsoft hasn’t had a good idea since Office 97. Now we hear from Leo Laporte that tech reviewers whom he trusts say that HoloLens is great. Here’s some more info from Vox and Forbes and HBR. We don’t get it quite yet, but give us time. More interesting to think about than the low lifes stinking up the country.

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  1. Neil Says:

    I think I can explain the attraction.

    Have you seen Robert Downey Jr.’s movie “Ironman”? If not, you should–I’m not a big fan of the comic-book movie genre, but Downey is great in this one. Anyway, there are a number of scenes in the movie in which Downey’s Tony Stark character is doing design work and assembly work in front of a holographic display. He’s reaching into the design with his hands to manipulate simulated objects, or literally “pulling” assembly notes into view while working on a prototype.

    From what I’ve heard, HoloLens is like that, except that the display is everywhere. If Microsoft has really gotten this to work, it’s going to be amazing. I’ve also heard that Windows 10 is a pretty darn good product just by itself–a real upgrade.

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