You can read Ruth Marcus’s column in a negative way if you like. We don’t. (For perspective, here’s Jonah Goldberg on the other side.) Marcus’s column means that comparative religion and comparative violence are now legitimate subjects in places like the WaPo newsroom and editorial offices. Fine. It means we’re all finally past the time of George Bush’s inanity of 9/17/01. That’s progress.

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  1. Neil Says:

    Marcus’s column is certainly negative, and she’s got a bad case of strawman-itis. But you’re right–Progressives are now forced to address Islamic violence as such. The President did it elliptically, by comparing it to religious violence committed by Christians, but that put comparative religion on the agenda.

    When Obama took office, I told left-leaning friends and acquaintances that if he withdrew from Iraq it would set up the slaughter (likely nuclear) of millions of Muslims, if not hundreds of millions. Having withdrawn, Obama sets up the 2003-2009 Iraq campaign as a “best effort”. When they attack again, there won’t be any nation-building. It will be total war with a clean conscience, and the American people will shrug their shoulders and say “at least we tried”.

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