Learning in days of yore

Here’s the syllabus from W. H. Auden’s undergraduate course on Fate and the Individual in European Literature. 2 hours, once a week. Pretty good stuff. Wonder if there are such things today. Our college major, History, the Arts and Letters, was discontinued and probably would be consigned to the flames of hell today. BTW, here’s what Yale sent incoming students about the course of study in 1966. Ha Ha. For fun, here are T. S. Eliot’s 1932-33 Norton Lectures. We’re evolving in technology and devolving in culture. The young don’t know any better since they’re caught up in the metaphor of technology and think it applies to human nature. The tenured fools who should know better, as well as the faculty lounge governing this country, are in Cloud Cuckoo Land, the latter creating a disaster that will come crashing down upon the young fools. Sometimes it’s better to be old.

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