Your government at work

“For more than a decade, the Smelt Working Group has been regularly meeting to make key recommendations to help the delta smelt (Hypomesus transpacificus).” Response: “these policies have resulted in the diversion of more than 300 billion gallons of water away from farmers in the Central Valley and into the San Francisco Bay in order to protect the Delta smelt, an endangered fish that environmentalists have continued to champion at the expense of Californians. This water is simply being washed out to sea.” But it’s really a very cute, fish, about the width of 4 fingers, as the first link demonstrates. Utopia, there’s nothing like it!

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  1. Steven Den Beste Says:

    Lefties are horrified at the amount of stuff (of all kinds) that humans consume. They want us to consume less, much less, and for decades have bent their efforts to trying to achieve that.

    Their best solution has been to choke off supply. They’re using too much electricity? Oppose every new power generation facility. There’s always some excuse: this one would be on a minor fault. Construction of that one would endanger some kind of turtle. And then as old plants reach end of life and go offline, gosh, golly! There isn’t enough electricity. Guess everyone will have to use less!

    This business with water is the same way. Fight every attempt to improve the quantity and reliability of supply, and then when you get a cyclical downturn in rain and snowpack, then you can force everyone to use less, the way you always wanted to.

    Deep down, environmentalists hate the human race. They think humans are a plague upon the body of Holy Mother Gaia, and the fewer of us there are, the better. (I don’t think many of them include THEMSELVES in that accounting, of course; they’re different than the rest of us. They’re better, and smarter, and more valuable.)

    Not even the looniest among them thinks they can actively exterminate the human race, or even a significant part of it. But they can at least reduce the amount of damage people do by restricting consumpion of… well, nearly everything. But reducing supply of energy is the best tool, because everything else relies on energy.

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