They need a sanctuary city


Zoey and Andria Green, who are seven and eight respectively, only look innocent. With their baby faces and cunning, they managed to lure patrons to their illicit enterprise: a lemonade stand outside their home in Overton, Texas. The girls were in business for about an hour in June, selling popcorn and lemonade to raise money for a Father’s Day gift, before local police shut the operation down. Not only were they hawking without a $150 “peddler’s permit”, but also the state requires a formal kitchen inspection and a permit to sell anything that might spoil if stored at the wrong temperature. As authorities are meant “to act to prevent an immediate and serious threat to human life or health”, the officers understandably moved swiftly in.

Overton, Texas? Texas? They need to move from a police state to a sanctuary city. Hey, it’s easy to open a lemonade stand in NYC. Good thing they didn’t try to rescue a baby animal, they might get life without parole.

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  1. Bill Adams Says:

    Come on. This is Texas. We are supposed to have some sense in this state.

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