How would this play?

A guy with bad hair calls the MSM political reporters to a press conference. On the stage behind him are a picture of a man, a picture of a mountain, and a Big Red Dodge. He points to the picture of a man and says, this is McKinley. He points to the picture of a mountain and says, this is McKinley. He points to the Big Car and says, this is denali.

The MSM go wild. They yell: don’t you know that this was voted on 30 years ago! You fool, don’t you have respect for history! The guy says: “our economy’s a disaster, China is melting down, illegal murderers are free to roam in the US unmolested, ISIS is killing thousands of women and babies, beheading more, and destroying anything in their path they don’t like; Iran tosses gays off roofs like empty soda cans. Don’t you guys understand priorities? What else would you children like to rename, New York? Block Island? Jamestown? Plymouth? Nacotchtank?”

Does the guy win or do the reporters win?

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  1. Eric Fithian Says:

    This entry confused me.
    Admittedly: I am not “up” on current auto models and such…
    I therefore committed a pair of searches.
    Shirley you meant to say the guy with “bad hair” had a Great Hulking GMC on that stage?
    I know: “Don’t call you ‘Shirley'”!….

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