Idiots, then and now

At the MayDay rally on the New Haven green in 1970, Jerry Rubin (if memory serves) suggested we join in his chant F**k Kingston Brewer, a reference to the gentleman who then served as president of Yale. Many complied. Then there was the Ingalls Rink episode a little later. We attended both.

In this context it is not difficult to understand the current insanity at Yale in 2015. Adolescents are often fools. Quotes from the disgruntled via Kimball: “The culturally unaware or insensitive choices made by some members of our community in the past, have not just been directed toward a cultural group, but have impacted religious beliefs, Native American / Indigenous people, Socio-economic strata, Asians, Hispanic / Latino, Women, Muslims, etc”

What is different between the prior insanity and this? Several: (a) the earlier nuttiness was very aggressive and about war, male if you like; (b) the current insanity is often passive-aggressive and often about trivial slights, more female perhaps. The current Yale president said about the situation, “We failed you.” We have a hard time believing that Kingston Brewer would have been a party to such nonsense.

Bottom line: if you’re at Yale and you think you’re a victim somehow, you’re the problem. And even more the problem is the teachers who plant such foolishness in the minds of their students. (cf, Asians, Muslims.)

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  1. James Says:

    It’s the US’s version of China’s Cultural Revolution of the 60’s-70’s and these students and teachers are the new Red Guard. You can bet Obama and the Dems are watching the reaction to all of this gauging how far they could go doing the same thing in government and society at large.

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