Signs of the times

You might have seen a version of this before, if you’re old enough. It’s Ridley Scott’s famous ad from the Super Bowl in the year 1984. It announced an anti-establishment future, the Mac, while bringing to life the eponymous Orwell book. Now we’re in 2007, and media move fast, sometimes stealthily. This anti-Clinton commercial featuring Hillary as Big Brother is an Obama ad, unofficial, deniable, of course:

The expertly done mashup’s creators are, at this writing, anonymous. However, the Hollywood savoir faire and elan of the commercial may be no accident, in our opinion. There is an anti-Hillary movement in the corridors of media power:

Looking for a new political love, Mr. Geffen hosted a small dinner in 2005 for Mr. Obama at his mansion, attended by Mr. Katzenberg and a few other friends including Warren Beatty. Shortly after, Mr. Geffen called Mr. Obama and pledged to support the senator if he ran for president, according to someone familiar his thinking. Messrs. Geffen and Katzenberg rushed to put together the Feb. 20 fund-raiser, wanting to be the first in town to hold a political event for Mr. Obama. Following the cocktail party for 400 at the Beverly Hilton hotel, Mr. Geffen hosted an intimate dinner at his nearby mansion for 40 people, many of whom had raised at least $46,000 for the event. In total, the funds raised at that event could account for about 10% of the total Sen. Obama is expected to raise nationwide in the first quarter…

The Old Media of the Left are divided in their loyalties and their preferences, but the Left’s New Media are united in a disdain for Senator Clinton:


Senator Clinton garners only 3% in the Kos poll, while Obama is at 26%. There are still many adults in the US, but it would be unwise to underestimate the kids, whom the New Media may suck in (and sucker) as voters.

Prosperity has been around for such a long time in this country that great foolishness might be in store, in politics and in policy. We’re due, there’s no question about it. The last two generations of Americans have known no serious economic privation and little warfare broadly involving the population. Moreover, the Illustrious Dunderheads have been at work during all of this time filling the minds of the young and affluent with all sorts of claptrap. Therefore, all sorts of nuttiness just might be in our future. “We don’t need no education. We don’t need no thought control” — we don’t dismiss it out of hand as an unofficial campaign slogan of the anti-war, global-warming party in 2008.

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