A personal reflection re WWII

The Longest Day was just on TCM, and it probably will be again several times this weekend. Oddly enough, we saw the movie in 1962 at a drive-in in Seekonk Massachusetts when we were 10 or so. It was the only adult movie that our parents took us to. The DinoDad was in the infantry in England in 1944 and almost died, but from appendicitis. So he didn’t storm any beach on D-Day. But still he wanted a 10 year old to see what happened in June 1944, when he was 21. 5000 American boys were killed that day, a small proportion of the over 400,000 killed in a war that had relatively little to do directly with America, one sneak attack aside. Now we have a clown apologizing to the perps of the sneak attack for taking it to them, big time. We pretty much know what DinoDad, a lifelong Democrat, would think about that.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Hmmm . . .

    We saw it at the drive-in as well. In St. Louis. If it was 1962, I would have been about 6. I recall the morning of June 6 1964, because my dad announced at breakfast that it was the 20th anniversary of D-Day. At the time, it seemed like a long time ago. Today, 20 years ago was 1996. Practically the blink of an eye. I have always marveled at how my perspective of Time has changed as I have aged.

    President Sissy’s behavior is as expected.

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