“The greatest threat to the planet”

The UK Sun reports that EU parliamentarians are demanding urgent action to stop what they deem to be “the greatest threat to the planet”:

Euro MPs are demanding new laws to stop cows and sheep parping. Their call came after the UN said livestock emissions were a bigger threat to the planet than transport. The MEPs have asked the European Commission to “look again at the livestock question in direct connection with global warming”. The official EU declaration demands changes to animals’ diets, to capture gas emissions and recycle manure.

They warned: The livestock sector presents the greatest threat to the planet. The proposal will be looked at by the 27 member states. The UN says livestock farming generates 18 per cent of greenhouse gases while transport accounts for 14 per cent.

(The UN recommends not eating as a method of fixing this problem.) Question: would there be more or less hot air and flatulence in the atmosphere if every politician on earth was replaced by a cow?

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  1. Steven Den Beste Says:

    How in hell are you supposed to “capture emissions” from livestock?

    And as to “recycling” manure, they’ve been doing it for thousands of years. You spread it on fields and use it as fertilizer.

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