The unserious among us


Barack Obama was asked what he personally was doing to save the environment, and replied that his family was “working on” changing their light bulbs. Is this the new version of the old joke? How many senators does it take to “work on” changing a light bulb? One to propose a bipartisan commission. One to threaten to de-fund the light bulbs. One to demand the impeachment of Bush and Cheney for keeping us all in the dark. One to vote to pull out the first of the light bulbs by fall of this year with a view to getting them all pulled out by the end of 2008.

In 1914, on the eve of the Great War, British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey observed, “The lamps are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.” Whether he was proposing a solution to global warming is unclear. But he would be impressed to hear that nine decades later the lights are going out all over Washington…

the leftists…while they’re fond of “causes,” they dislike those that require meaningful action: Ask Tibetans about how effective half a century of America’s “Free Tibet” campaign has been; or ask Darfuris, assuming you can find one still breathing, how the left’s latest fetishization is going from their perspective: “On Sunday, April 29, Salt Lake Saves Darfur invites the greater Salt Lake community of compassion to join with us as we honor the fallen and suffering Darfuris in a day of films, discussion and dance with a Sudanese dance troupe.”

Marvelous. I hope as the “Salt Lake Saves Darfur” campaign intensifies in the decades ahead there’ll be enough Darfuris to man the dance troupe. It would be truer to say that the greater Salt Lake community of compassion, like Sen. Obama with his light bulbs, is “working on” saving Darfur.

In Khartoum, Tehran, Moscow and elsewhere, the world’s mischief-makers have reached their own conclusions about how much serious “work” America is prepared to do.

A very significant proportion of the american population is as fatuous today as those EU politicians who say that cow flatulence is the greatest threat to the planet. No good can come of this.

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  1. gs Says:

    I got a bad gut feeling when Bush strutted on the aircraft carrier. Obama, with his limited experience and talk of ‘new politics’, gives me a similar feeling. He seems an American Pierre Trudeau, and I fear that he would wreck America as a world power the way that Trudeau wrecked Canada. (In particular, it’s Obama’s decision to run for president without acquiring experience in governing that is irresponsible: irresponsible on Obama’s part and irresponsible on the part of an electorate that takes him seriously.)

    A very significant proportion of the american population is as fatuous today… A very significant and, I fear, growing proportion.

    …as those EU politicians who say that cow flatulence is the greatest threat to the planet…. I bet they wouldn’t dare say that if Hindus conducted suicide attacks.

    …No good can come of this. Indeed not. I don’t see how the deterioration can be corrected without substantive intervention by Dr. Darwin. Unfortunately, that worthy is indifferent to the consequences of his services.
    Recently Dinocrat posted: There does appear to be a mood that exists on both Left and Right for a holiday from history, does there not? Arguably the country has been taking a holiday from history for the last four or five presidential terms. Today’s mood perhaps has changed from a desire for a holiday to a spoiled-adolescent sense of entitlement to a permanent holiday.

    America may want a holiday from history, but history is not taking a holiday from America.

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