Why the media and allies are going crazy

The first reason the media continues to go crazy after the DJT election is simple: they lost their power to control the narrative. (Crowley/Romney etc.) DJT wasn’t having any of that, and they were shocked, shocked! that their narrative lost.

But the second reason goes deeper, and points to why a possible paradigm shift makes them insane. The thought that Trump and his voters could be normal American guys and gals is a threat to their emotional cores. For 2 generations, the education and media and left political complex have sold themselves that they were superior to all others because, among other related things, of something called diversity.

Diversity started out okay and had many common sense things to recommend it, but it’s gotten out of control to the point that it’s a grievous offense to common sense. Case in point: if 0.03% of the population (41% of whom contemplate suicide), or 90,000 or so Americans can order that boys can go to girls’ bathrooms, what you have is not diversity, it is insanity. But diversity is a God, and it is a chief God of moral superiority to these people.

So they must fight with all they have, because if they lose, they give up the thing that makes them morally superior to the deplorables, and then their lives have lost meaning. Don’t expect this nuttiness to stop soon.

5 Responses to “Why the media and allies are going crazy”

  1. Bosun Says:

    Well said! The Great Eric Hoffer described them in his “True Believer”. While it will be a battle to reverse this PC/diversity rubbish we shall overcome.

  2. feeblemind Says:

    Yes indeed. The Dinocrat is spot on with these comments.

  3. feeblemind Says:

    Not that the media is going to change their ways, they won’t, but this is an excellent read describing the media’s problems.

    Yeah, we’ve heard it all elsewhere but it is packaged nicely here with supporting links.


  4. MarkD Says:

    Diverse just means different. It describes nothing about virtue or value. Their self-ascribed moral superiority is a delusion based on ignorance.

  5. Robert Risko Says:

    I wonder if these people value diversity – which makes their intentions sound lofty and above reproach – so much as they value disruption. These folks just love to upset conventional people and values. They really are spoilers, you know.

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