Soundtrack again

We discussed this six years ago, and still it’s so peculiar to have a soundtrack playing in the background as we go through the day. We “run” for more than an hour daily and listen to the radio, so there’s that — but almost all of our soundtrack doesn’t play, even on oldies or classical stations. There’s no Lesley Gore or Bobby Vee, and few Raindrops, for example. Often oddities and one-hit wonders appear: here and here for example. We don’t like most recent pop music, though we’ll make an exception for Don’t Stop Believin’.

From a business viewpoint, we note that the ad industry really ought to have clever jingles for all products, since the jingle sometimes lasts longer than the company. We recall WPRO singing about being Color Radio, and Rocky Point (RIP) crooning about its World Famous Shore Dinner Hall. Don’t get us started on Taunton Dog Track (here comes Rusty, look at him run, you’ll be sure that you’ll have fun, watching all the greyhounds run etc). Speaking of such old days, it’s interesting that there’s now a mini-network that rebroadcasts the game shows of yore, complete with the original Dristan and Anacin etc ads (eg, like jet-age plastic so tough, bullets bounce off).

From our earlier post on soundtracks, we note a couple of others reported having the same phenomenon. We wonder just how common it is. If it’s universal it has tremendous potential commercial value. Yet, unless we’re mistaken, it has been little studied, and the studies have been peculiar. If we’re mistaken, we’d like to know.

Finally, we know we’re too oldy for the oldies stations, but take a look at the songs and the groups from one year that sometimes bounce around in our head, eg 1966. Yes, many of them are silly, but the tunes are mostly nice and the lyrics not vulgar. These are invisible today, as is most of 20th century American culture, except on TCM. Can anything stop the cultural rot?

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  1. Robert Risko Says:

    As a longtime greyhound fan, I searched high and low on the Internet for that Rusty jingle from Taunton Dog Track. And now that greyhound racing — thank God — is illegal in Massachusetts, my chances are down to nothing. But that’s OK — I remember it in my head and, as with most things, that’s good enough.

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