Another crisis: “sick, or worse, dead”


In an internal message sent to FSIS employees on Jan. 18 and obtained by Food Safety News warned that delays in lab tests are expected through at least March 3. The FSIS is responsible for ensuring the safety of meat, poultry, eggs and catfish.

“Effective Jan. 18, 2017, due to a temporary decrease in staffing, results on pathology samples submitted to the FSIS laboratory system will be delayed,” according to the email sent to all FSIS employees. “AMR-01 and rush cases will be given priority status; however turnaround times are expected to be delayed by at least 24 hours on these samples. This is expected to be rectified by March 3, 2017, but is dependent on staffing key vacancies. The Pathology Branch apologies for the inconvenience these delays will cause.”

“Less than a week into the Trump Administration, we are already seeing the devastating effects of President Trump’s federal hiring freeze. News that the USDA does not have enough staff to properly test the nation’s food supply is extremely disconcerting and it is only a matter of time until a consumer ends up sick — or worse, dead,” U.S. Rep Rosa Delauro, D-CT told Food Safety News.

Q: How many employees does FSIS have? A: 10,000 (HT:AT)

5 Responses to “Another crisis: “sick, or worse, dead””

  1. feeblemind Says:

    And so it begins.

    The Deep State’s war with Trump.

  2. Bosun Says:

    Sounds like the old union tactic of following work rules and doing just enough to stay with in the rules but slow the work flow down. Perhaps, the work could be contracted out to private sector labs?

  3. Robert Risko Says:

    Order peanut butter and jelly and a Coke.

  4. CFO Says:

    What a crock! First, they say that the delay will be resolved in 45 days. Second, the delay imposed is only 24 hours – they fail to note how long the testing takes without the delay. As far as we know, the normal test turn around is 7(?) days and now it might be 8 – what a disaster! And they also fail to note what steps they have taken to avoid the additional delay – like extending shifts, adding overtime, working on weekends, etc. Oh the horrors that our committed civil servants may have to endure in the short term! But won’t even in the face of alarmist calls that “consumers end up sick – or worse, dead”. As noted up front – what a crock!

  5. jaed Says:

    Let’s go to the tape:
    pathology samples
    Pathology samples. Not “the nation’s food supply”. Apparently one of their veterinary pathologists retired on the 18th (which, I note, was while Obama was still the president).


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