It’s good TV, guys

Let’s assume that Blumenthal accidentally said something true re Gorsuch. We note that some conservatives have gotten their knickers in a twist over Gorsuch’s comments. We say pass the popcorn. Suppose there’s a guy who nominates supreme court justices. After doing so, he insults a perfectly insultable “so-called” judge. In what universe is the insane press (they’ve been insane from precisely this moment) not going to run to Gorsuch for a negative comment. He gives them one, so what? From time to time so do Pence, Tillerson, and others. They’re all free to do so and it’s part of the show. It’s good TV, doesn’t hurt DJT, and it gets the press off his employees’ backs, at least a little. Same thing, even more so in the recent martyring of Fauxcohontas (we didn’t know McConnell had it in him). For her excellence as victim-hero, the press just promoted her to Sitting Bull. We’d love to see her and that other clown on the ticket in 2020. Talk about great TV!

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  1. Irwin Chusid Says:

    I’ve never heard of this up-and-coming Warren gal. She must be part of the Democrat Party’s surging “Youth Movement.”

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