Consider the implications

The global aircraft leasing industry is almost totally focused on new equipment, since that’s a fairly simple banking business. The average age of big lessors’ fleets is about 7 years. As the equipment ages, technical skills, engineering, maintenance optimization, etc., require high degrees of skill. In the past, the payoff was marginal for those focusing on mature aircraft, but consider the technology changes of late. Engines sometimes stay on wing for nearly forever, and Rosie has been replaced by advanced lasers and robots in constructing airframes. A quantum leap in reliability. Quietly this industry niche has been growing and it now numbers $10 billion in over 500 mature aircraft on lease. Jack Ma’s and Jeff Bezos’s forays into freighter airlines where they convert older pax aircraft to freighters show what two tech visionaries think of this. Finally, experienced management teams and $190 billion companies are executing this strategy. If you have $100 million to invest in such a company, drop us a line.

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