Something for everyone to dislike


It is interesting that virtually all significant demographic groups of United States citizens oppose the Senate Immigration bill, according to the details of this Rasmussen poll. For example, black Americans are against the bill by a whopping 62% to 19% margin. Captain Ed put it this way:

Not a single demographic in the study favors this proposal, except under Race:Other. Democrats oppose it 51-28. Republicans oppose it 47-25. Men and women both clearly oppose it. Only people ages 30-39 come close to overcoming opposition, 34-32 in opposition. But when the subject turns to border security, the numbers turn even more dramatic. Every single demographic — race, gender, age, and political orientation — has majorities that show border security as “very important”…almost all…score in the 70s or higher.

Maggie’s Farm has a very good update on this bill which is apparently offensive to the common sense of most citizens. By the way, speaking of polls, the latest CBS/NYT poll, which says that the majority really like Democrats and dislike Republicans, sampled 39% D to 26% R, the highest ratio of D to R that we recall seeing in a poll. That doesn’t necessarily make the result wrong, but it does make it rather tautological.

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