“Eye removal”

There is an al-Qaeda torture manual at Smoking Gun. It is graphic and disturbing. For example, page two features “eye removal”. This sub-human enemy must be killed, every last one of them, of course. But we noticed a worse, more pervasive problem today. The same media outlets, politicians, and deep thinkers that made such a big deal about Club Gitmo and Abu Ghraib had virtually nothing to say about a catalogue of real torture. Evidently al-Qaeda does not have to practice “eye removal” on the US media. The eye of the media, so intensely focused when it comes to alleged American misdeeds, has already been removed when it comes to real torture by the enemy. (More on media non-coverage here.)

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  1. USpace Says:

    Well, if torture is part of their barbaric, sick, primitive, evil, sub-human, perverted, vile and demented culture who are we to say it is bad?
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    ignore human rights abuse

    give terrorists free pass
    villify the best countries

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