Pawn to King four and now what?


Perhaps mindful of parallels that could be drawn over defiance of international norms, North Korea denounced the U.S. missile strike on Syria as “intolerable,” and reiterated its own right to self-defense. The U.S. Navy’s Third Fleet, in turn, publicly announced that the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and a strike force that includes two missile destroyers and a guided-missile cruiser were being diverted north from scheduled port calls in Australia to “maintain readiness and presence in the western Pacific.”


North Korea is ready to deliver the ‘most ruthless blow’ if provoked by the United States, its ambassador to Moscow has warned. Kim Hyong Jun claimed Pyongyang had the ‘readiness and ability to counter any challenge’ and that it would act after ‘even the smallest provocation from the United States during exercises’.

Oh wait, that was waaaay back on April 6.

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    My magic 8 ball says, “Outlook hazy, ask again later.”

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