A lot of time on their hands

Indeed. You know, we’d like to comment on current events and so forth (e.g., the horribleness of sharia in Europe and the incredible West of the last hundred years) but there’s no point today. There’s no overlap of our views versus the opposition. None. The Left views us as idiots for seeing that there’s no catastrophic or even meaningful climate change, though we’ve personally witnessed temperature changes in a single year of over 110 degrees! Yawn. We’ll probably continue to fund this little website but meaningful debate is over and done. Since the academy now has gone full Stalinist on its nonsense, there’s no hope until vicious reality intrudes on the dreamers (hitting us too). Unless something changes drastically for good reasons, it’s going to take another Pearl Harbor for a major course change back to reality. Pray it isn’t an EMP.

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