(1) The next time you’re with some dope who goes on about climate, ask that person to say, to the nearest percent, what percent of the atmosphere is CO2. (Answer: zero) (2) Yes, it was en excellent speech, but this is over the top. (3) We do, however, take the position that Fake News is a stroke of genius. Since, for example, any change to health care law will be characterized by the opposition as killing babies, the elderly, the poor, and most people on the planet, the only way to disrupt the narrative is to point to CNN etc and say “you still gonna believe these clowns and their Fake News?” Well done. (4) Genesis 22 is puzzling in some ways, but perhaps this is part of an explanation. (5) We’ve liked L&O but we’re done. When a certain species of mental illness is normailized, as opposed to being called out for its horrible infliction on a tiny fraction of the population, and we’re supposed to accept this as a new norm, somebody is sick, but it ain’t us.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Re L&O

    I am rather surprised it took this long for L&O to go around the bend.

    With Hollywood, virtue signalling trumps ratings, box office draw and profits.

    I have never seen L&O as I don’t have television. Having said that, my guess it has been PC since the start. Most people get used to it but it really annoys me.

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