Strange Days Indeed

Ralph Peters: “Listening to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s summary of the two-hour-plus meeting was painful. The naivety on display played into Putin’s hands. We got nothing, Putin got a big win.” So let’s see. This guy ran a $200 billion company with a market cap of $340 billion, 84,000 employees in 65 or so countries, and a pretty good board of directors, etc. Yup, pretty much the dictionary definition of naive. It’s not just the left that’s lost its mind, though they certainly have as well, and are dumb, dumb, dumb to boot. (Our college major, Western European intellectual history from the 12th to 19th centuries, probably comes with a complimentary prison sentence today.)

BTW, we’re no fan of Pooty-Poot, but we just saw Peters and Max Boot make asses of themselves on the Carlson program. Carlson was no charmer either. What’s going on? Seriously.

2 Responses to “Strange Days Indeed”

  1. Bosun Says:

    Ralph Peters? Now there’s a BOZO! But then consider the venue. As to history? They know none.

  2. feeblemind Says:

    I don’t read Ralph Peters very often and when I do I generally like him, but he is sure over reacting to the dog & pony show.

    He’s upset over this!?

    “That was terrific news for Putin, who needs to be punished harshly for his election-meddling (yes, the Russians indisputably meddled). Russia’s new czar got a free pass for a still-to-be-issued promise not to do it again.”

    The Russians always try to meddle in our elections. This is nothing new.

    No mention made of selling LNG to Poland and perhaps the rest of the Baltic states and perhaps squeezing Russia’s energy sales?

    Peters seems to be opposed to the Russians because . . . well . . . they’re the Russians for crying out loud.

    One would think we and the Russians would be natural allies in the war with Islam, but we have had such an incompetent foreign policy for the last 25 years that I don’t think that option has ever even been explored.

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