Going, Going, Gone

(a) My daughter, a freshman at U of Arizona in 2009, took a class titled, “American History since 1877.” I was helping her prepare for the final exam and found this in her study guide. “The Silent Majority consisted of white people who did not accept the 1964 Civil Rights Act.” No mention of Nixon or the Vietnam War. I complained to the Dean of the “General Studies” program and he suggested that perhaps I should send her to another university. (b) while we do not know what is in his heart or mind, nor that of many public figures, we know what actions and words are and that is what we have to base our impressions upon. By his actions, non-actions, words (after all he does have the best words) he is an anti-semite. He traffics in their online postings, does not deny anti-semitic behavior. He wallows in ignorance and non-intellectual curiosity. Anti-semitism along with racism, homophobia, sexism and whatever else we want to toss at him are products of ignorance and hate. (c) We begin with the meteoric fall of the U.S. from the world power that dominated the G-20 to something of a joke on the world stage where the daughter of a president known for her clothing line sits in between the British and Chinese leaders on an important meeting for her father who has managed to isolate the U.S. from the rest of the G-19 in less than 6 months. Charles Kupchan, who was director of European Affairs on the National Security Council during the Clinton Administration and spent the last 3 years as Special Assistant to President Obama for National Security, joins us to discuss the much anticipated meeting between Putin and Trump that was conducted in secret without the National Security Advisor or the National Security Council’s Russian-speaking expert present. (d) he argued that Western (read: white) nations are “the fastest and the greatest community” and the “world has never known anything like our community of nations.” He crowed about how Westerners (read: white people) “write symphonies,” “pursue innovation” and “always seek to explore and discover brand-new frontiers,” as if these were unique qualities to white-dominated nations, instead of universal truths of the human race across all cultures. (e) Honing in on his repeated emphasis on “the will” and his declaration that “our civilization will triumph,” many made connections between the speech and an infamous 1935 Nazi propaganda film titled “Triumph of the Will,” which was directed by Leni Riefenstahl and based on the 1934 Nuremberg Rally. (f) Godwin’s Law, QED.

BTW, it’s already too late, but eliminate tenure and fire the people running the colleges.

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