An internal company memo seen by The Wall Street Journal said Avianca faced chronic problems with power outages that limit the use of Simón Bolívar International Airport’s runway as well as “poor-quality fuel” and inadequate jet refueling equipment. The company several months ago had stopped refueling in Venezuela or leaving aircraft there overnight, a person familiar with the company’s operations said, citing security risks. The memo also noted concerns over airport technicians with expired licenses that are needed to handle plane equipment. Flights, it said, are often delayed for hours due to arbitrary inspections by the Venezuelan National Guard, which maintains security there. “This is reflected in the highest level of theft and irregular intervention into travelers’ luggage,” the memo said, adding that Avianca’s crew has also been subjected to robbery and assault on a number of occasions in the crime-ridden capital.

In other news, the State Department will be limiting movement of the employees who remain in Caracas and advises all Americans against traveling to the country due to “social unrest, violent crime and pervasive food and medicine shortages.” Things are so bad that even the Guardian has figured it out.

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