As charming as Fat Boy


Videos posted by family members showed officers armed with automatic weapons taking Leopoldo Lopez, the country’s most popular politician, and Antonio Ledezma, the elected mayor of Caracas, and shoving them into patrol cars. Mr. Lopez and Mr. Ledezma’s political parties said they don’t know where the politicians were taken. In a speech Monday morning, Mr. Maduro said he would jail opposition politicians who have accused him of electoral fraud. The government claims to have received more than eight million votes in Sunday’s uncontested election for a special assembly that will have absolute powers. Estimates by all major Venezuelan pollsters and the independent policy group Venezuelan Electoral Observatory, as well as an exit poll conducted by an investment bank, all put the turnout at less than half that figure. Governments from Switzerland to the U.S. said they don’t recognize the result. Diego Moya-Ocampos, political risk analyst with IHS, said the arrests show Mr. Maduro is worried about the country’s growing economic isolation and threat of new U.S. sanctions against the country’s vital oil industry. “The government is trying to secure more political prisoners to improve its bargaining position in an eventual negotiation in the U.S.,” he said.

Apparently Maduro needs to start a nuke program and kill his half-brother. Meanwhile, VDH has an interesting piece and David Brooks gets all weird.

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