The short run and the long run

In the PC short run, we’re all dead, since if you think, for example that XX and XY are defining terms, you’re now some kind of a bigot, or something worse. Look at the silliness when it comes to movies, for goodness sake. Or Google, where someone very, very, very secretly is trying to fight back a tiny bit. Roger Simon discusses some related issues. To continue in the world of the silly, some think weather is catastrophic, which mostly identifies people being paid off or having too much time on their hands. (OTOH, Sharknado could be real, couldn’t it?) War is catastrophic, the streets of Miami Beach are not. Anyway, PC will end someday in the long run, since bad events have always ruined peace, ease, and prosperity periodically in all of human history. In the PC short run, we’re all dead, and in the long run…..oops!

Update: speaking of dead, the Google guy was just fired. PC, Go Go Go!!!

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