Some thought-provoking China statistics, and other things


76% of China’s labor force did not attend high school, based on figures from the country’s last census in 2010, according to an academic paper co-authored by the Asian Development Bank and published last year in the China Quarterly, an academic journal. The gap between rural and urban China is also big. Only 8% of rural Chinese in the labor force in 2010 had attended any high school, compared to 37% of urban Chinese, according to the China Quarterly article. The disposable income of a person living in rural China was 6,562 yuan in the first half of 2017, compared to 18,322 yuan for someone in an urban area, according to China’s statistics bureau. Data from China’s Ministry of Education shows 94% of students graduated from middle school and 93% of students graduated from high school in 2015.

Given the nuttiness that’s happening in US schools, China may be on to something. Bonuses: VDH, interesting Michael Barone piece, Goodbye Columbus, infirmative action, and so forth.

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  1. Sennacherib Says:

    You stole my Thunder. What would be interesting to me is how is China’s labor force is distributed geographically and by job.

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