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Only 8 percent of American undergraduates choose engineering as a major, compared to more than 30 percent in China (which now graduates four times as many engineers as the United States).

Spengler is way too pessimistic. We’re all going to be blown up by Fat Boy before his predictions come true.

And China has some very odd things going on from time to time. In order to buy a train ticket from Guangzhou to Hong Kong, you had to haul yourself and your luggage up a two storey flight of stairs in 90 degree heat and 90 percent humidity yesterday. Then wait in a long line. Then try to pay for a ticket but they don’t take credit cards. Then haul all your stuff back down, only to find that there are no banks or currency exchanges within four blocks of a train station no less. This is engineering genius? The Oyster Bar at Grand Central is heaven by comparison. And they don’t list the airlines on the terminals at Hong Kong’s airport.

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  1. Neil Says:

    China has 4.2X the population of the US. It really should be graduating a few more engineers, to keep pace. The difference in percentages may just mean there’s too many English majors working at Starbucks.

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