CNN reports on Cuba and Irma. Commie Cuba is such a rich country that we’re sure nothing bad happened. We had no idea until today that Dock of the Bay reached number one posthumously. Wow.

BTW, on our American Airlines flight the other day back from Hong Kong, we had an experience even stranger than watching the uncensored, stupid DiCaprio Wolf movie on another flight. Unbelievably, the flight had, among film choices, the complete, unexpurgated and nasty hilarious version of Blazing Saddles. Without apology, the film insults everyone in it, all ethnic groups, and pretty much everyone watching the movie. What a joy! We think it, in that form, should become a requirement to watch before becoming a freshman in college. Enrollment would drop to near zero. Of course if Mel Brooks tried to make that movie today, he’d probably be arrested — but that’s our point after all. The snowflakes need such electroshock therapy or America has gone bye bye.

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  1. Sennacherib Says:

    What in the wild wild world of sports is going on here, dancing around like a bunch of Kansas City…………………….

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