So strange, so strange

We simply have no understanding of what NK thinks it’s doing. We have no analysis, since a guy who kills his brother in a public place is not predictable in a rational world, except for big trouble ahead. Meanwhile absurd nuttiness of a somewhat related kind escalates on US campuses.

Our view, FWIW, is that China is using its non-action on NK to pressure, not the US, but Japan and South Korea, to bend towards its will in the South China Sea, and other things, before it reins in its lunatic protectorate. As for antifa, it is a gift of infinite value to existing Trumpkins, who will expand their numbers the crazier these lunatics get. We’ll link to the Carlson discussion tonight with an unkempt loony antifa professor (!!!) when it becomes available. We share the opinion of Dennis Prager and other oldsters that the media/leftists have lost their minds. They are vastly outnumbered by ordinary Americans and when the stuff hits the fan, they’re in for many bad surprises.

3 Responses to “So strange, so strange”

  1. Bosun Says:

    They’re just useful idiots. The Bolsheviks run these clowns out there and true to form, the Bolshevik politicians restrain the Coppers. Down in Hell Trotsky must be smiling.

  2. Neil Says:

    China’s continued support of NK seem’s odd from the outside. Unless the Party’s hold on power (and China’s coherence as a nation) is not as strong as they like us to think. We tend to think of China’s future as one of continued prosperity, but they’re taking steps to stem capital flight. Politburo members make sure that their grandchildren are educated in the U.S., and their great-grandchildren are born here so as to be American citizens. It’s possible they don’t have the political strength to do anything other than what they’ve always done–like the way Washington D.C. clings to Obamacare. Having nuclear-armed neighbors might not seem like such a risk, if it’s the next-best choice to the end of the Mao Dynasty.

  3. Neil Says:

    I meant to add “…and the way the Democrat party clings to Antifa.”

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