Amazon, Alibaba and Google — some incredible numbers

We’re working on a project regarding narrowbody freighters, which are the backbone of the express delivery industry worldwide. We looked at a few numbers to see what’s in store globally over the next few years, as the e-commerce boom translates into the need for more express freighters. At present FedEx and its competitors have over 800 aircraft, while narrowbody express freighters in China number only about 50, so Asia and China are going to see record growth in the fleets of SF Express, YTO and others.

In China, Alibaba continues to expand at a strong pace. Its forecast for 2018 revenues is nearly a 50% increase over current sales, up to $45 billion. Its market cap is $440 billion. That’s more than pretty good. However, we were shocked by the Amazon numbers. Next year revenue is forecast to be $224 billion, up 40% from the current $160 billion. Can you believe that? The company is nearly a monopoly, accounting for 43% of online sales, and has a market cap of $462 billion. No wonder the CEO bought the WaPo — best to be well connected in DC if you’re looking to become one.

Speaking of monopolies, Google has a 64% market share of search, 72,000 employees (minus one, oops), $90 billion in revenues, and a market cap of $670 billion. The company is growing at over 20% a year, even though searches are probably not growing that fast. Some mainstream searches are even penalized by Google. Ugh.

To give you a comparison of old world economy versus the companies above, GE’s 2017 revenue is forecast at less than $130 billion. Amazon is almost twice as big as GE, Alibaba will be bigger than GE in 2021, and Google will be bigger than GE in 2019. (BTW, where do you think the senior managements of the American companies come down on the NFL kerfuffle?)

We hope you enjoyed the numbers. They were pretty shocking in some respects. Anyway, it’s more enjoyable than commenting on the insanity born of ignorance and two generations of Americans being dumbed down at so-called institutions of higher education.

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