Cheers not from the peanut gallery


From 2013 to 2016, China had an average GDP growth rate of 7.2 percent, far higher than the global average of 2.6 percent and 4 percent of developing economies, NBS data shows. China’s strong GDP growth has allowed the country to contribute an average of 30 percent to the global economy in the past five years, ranking first in the world, Ning said. The International Monetary Fund on Tuesday expects the Chinese economy to grow by 6.8 percent this year and 6.5 percent next year, both 0.1 of a percentage point higher than its previous forecast in July. the services sector has become an economic pillar. In 2016, the additional value of the tertiary industry represented 51.6 percent of China’s GDP, up 6.3 percentage points from 2012, NBS data shows. And China’s manufacturing PMI, a main gauge of industrial activity, stood at 52.4 in September, its highest level since May 2012 – a sign of improving industrial performance.

Of course GT is all about the rah-rah.

Bonus fun: pow zoom to the moon. We can think of many good candidates for that.

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