Unparalleled wealth, health, ease and longevity breed madness

And double the madness if you add tenure to the mix. In 4.5 billion years of earth history, never has there been greater longevity, ease, prosperity, access to knowledge, sickness-curing, and all the rest, than exist in the young in this country today. (“The American boy of 1854 stood closer to the year 1 than to the year 1900.”) Now we see that such ease breeds madness of a specific sort. If you are better off than 99% of all the humans that have ever lived, you have to make up stuff to be oppressed by. (Did we mention that tenure adds to the mix mightily?) And don’t bother saying true things in most of big corporate America; you’ll either get fired or have to grovel in apology. It is telling that the apologizer works for the company that took down Big Brother just 30 years ago.

Yes, we know that there are real problems, but you’d have to be an 80 year old like Walter Williams to dare speak such things without apology.

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