A couple of things, here and there

First, there’s Catalonia (here, here, and here, for example). We’re not sure how we’d handle it, but Spain seems to be making matters worse, through pathetic ineptitude. That’s it for current events at the moment. More interesting to us is going through a couple of file cabinets with folders of correspondence, photos, and other things going back more than 40 years. We have dozens, maybe hundreds of handwritten letters from college friends and others, single-spaced and written in ink on both sides of the ruled paper. People sure had a lot of time on their hands back then.

We also have the newspapers from Black Monday and 9/11, a Life Magazine from just after Kent State, Look Magazine commemorating the first co-eds at Yale, and very strange things like a copy of a credit memo re Trust Company of Georgia written in 1950 by future CEO of Morgan Stanley Bob Baldwin. The oddest aspect of this crazy collection is that some of the long, detailed letters are from people we have no current recollection of. It’s a great deal of fun to re-read the multi-thousand word long missives from ancient days. Almost none of this would have existed in the world of email, but you already know this. Indeed, the world we have lost.

Is anyone still counting the cars on the New Jersey turnpike?

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